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NYC's DIY Goth Industrial Dance Party

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A club run by the scene, Contempt was founded in early 1998 by a clutch of goth/industrial enthusiasts who were sick of the status quo. No dress code, no guest list, and no attitude--just a dance floor, stiff drinks, and great tunes. DJ Subvert spins requests for industrial, goth, electro, and new wave all night long. Our BYOCD policy provides local bands NYC dance floor exposure that can be otherwise hard to come by, and our unique playlist monitor allows our guests to easily identify unfamiliar music.

Our satellite live events showcase the best live industrial, goth, and darkwave acts the New York area has to offer in an intimate, laid back, and social environment. Come for the music, stay for the company. If you walk out of Contempt Live without meeting anyone new, you didn't try.

The party is run by committee, and all services, from the administration to the DJs to our professional light and sound techs, are provided on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in volunteering for the Contempt organization by becoming part of the committee, please post your interest to this community, and you will be informed about our next organizational meeting.

Finally, while all NYC goth/industrial and related events, bands, etc. are welcome to promote at our events, we ask that you refrain from posting promotional materials to this community. NYCgoth or other general interest lists are available for that purpose. We make this request for the convenience of our community members.

We appreciate your interest in Contempt!